Tuesday, June 16, 2009

amazing me!

we are having soooo much fun here! soccer is going great and so are my flute skills! my soccer team won first place in a tournament! it was really great!
we have had some really great fun here like going down town and going to guadalupe river! i hope i spelled that right! ha lol we look forward to seeing u all!

Thursday, January 29, 2009

Evan took one for the team

Mal was fighting a girl for the ball. She chased her off the field and they plowed over Evan. He was sitting on the ground and didnt see them coming. He ended up getting stepped on in the back.

Fall soccer pic's

Here are some old soccer picture I just got around to posting!

Lopez Middle School

My new school has grades 6-8. It is a large school with about 1200 students. My fav. class is Band and I play the flute. I like PE more then I thought I would. Our class is just girls, we do have to change into uniforms. I ride the bus and get picked up at 7:30 but school doesn't start till 8:30. We have a long bus ride in the mornings it lasts for 45 minutes. it stinks. But i really like it, it's a really cool school.

Houston friend

This is my friend from Houston her name is Ally. She is really wild, just like ME!!!!!!!!!!

Happy Valentine's day

Here are some picture's, I miss you and hope everyone has a great February!

Saturday, January 10, 2009

moving day!

well the day finally came and we moved into our beautiful house. it is alot bigger thatn our old house. And i like it. My school is very nice, the people are surprisingly very friendly. Alot friendlier than my old school. And guess what i actually like gym! it's really cool because before in my old school in Tomball i took Off Campus PE. and that means i didn't have to take pe. because i took compotion soccer. But i really like my school here. Hopefully this summer we can come down and see everybody. Stay for pics!!!!